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Hey Mommy

So you are wondering why you should book your newborn baby a in home photoshoot session? Or perhaps you have never heard of a newborn baby session at your home…

Well, I am here to give you 5 reasons (in my experience) why you should consider an in-home newborn session.

As a lifestyle photographer, my approach is very much as it says, lifestyle. I direct the session in a natural way. I follow each scenario as it happens. After all each family, newborn and child are different.

So here are my reasons, well 5 of them for now…

Brumilda Franken Photography Newborn Baby Photoshoot at Home

1 . Leaving your home with a newborn baby can be overwhelming & not always easy.

This might be your first baby or you might have other smaller kids and a newborn baby. Getting them all ready, checking that all the essentials are packed, and making sure every child is fed and clean can be stressful not to mention if you are running late for your session…

Wow, just typing this gives me anxiety.

But the truth is, these things happen. When you book me to come to your home and photograph you and your new baby, you immediately minimize this to-do list. The kids don’t feel rushed you don’t feel stressed, it’s perfect.

The experience is already relaxed, you just go about your day.

When I arrive at your home, we have a chat over some coffee, I chat to your other children if you have, and when then start the session.

2. Your home is part of your story

Your home is a place where you experience emotional warmth and feel surrounded by love and affection. Your style and your ways. It reflects you and your family. Making your photos unique and special to you.

I capture photographs of you and your family but also if your child or baby has a special blankie, or teddy or perhaps a baby crib that was past down generations, I capture that too.

Now that is special and sentimental!

Or perhaps you have pets!

I love animals and will be more than happy to incorporate them into your home session. After all, they are part of your family.

In years to come you and your children will look back at these and remember what you once called home and you will “feel” home in all senses of the word! (Love, belonging and the environment itself).

Brumilda Franken Photography Newborn Baby Photoshoot at Home
Newborn baby at Home Session with Siblings

3. Your kids can be kids

Often when I arrive for a newborn baby session at my client’s homes, and there are small siblings, usually they are not interested in the newborn baby session and at times, they are not themselves.

And this is totally understandable. I mean, their whole environment has changed and it’s a lot to take in I would imagine.

 So, I never force kids to be in the photos.

Eventually, they will be curious enough to see what I am doing and they soon join in. I do try and get sibling shots in at the beginning of a session if possible.

I interact with your kids and make them part of the session, either by distracting them or just chatting with them. Soon enough you will have beautiful natural and real photos of your children together with their new baby sister or brother. And when the kids have had enough, they can go play with their favourite toys in their own space.

4. You can carry on with your normal routine and life

My approach is to be as natural and relaxed as possible. A Photoshoot should be fun and stress-free as possible. Especially now… you have a lot on your plate and I get it 100%

 If a baby needs feeding or changing, you feed or change them. If your other kids need a snack then you can attend to them too.

You carry on with your normal day-to-day life. And I will be there to capture this.

5. It’s easy peasy

Your In-home newborn baby session can be as easy as staying in your pj’s if that’s your thing. Or if you want to get dressed up and get your make-up done – awesome!
If you want your place spotless and want to hire a cleaner to come the day before your session? Perfect.
Or perhaps you couldn’t be bothered to clean the clutter? That’s fine too!

Whatever will be a good representation of you and your family and will be memories you want to treasure, I’m there to make it all possible…

Newborn Baby at Home Session Close up
Newborn Baby at Home Session Close up

As you can see there are many reasons to book your in-home newborn baby photo session. You can be assured that you will have your beautiful family and life story, preserved, in a super special way.

Let me know if you think of any other reasons you can add to the list above…

If you haven’t had an in-home newborn baby session experience and would like to book one, head over here to learn more!

Brumilda Franken Photography Newborn Baby Baby Photoshoot at Home